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I often wonder why we give so much of ourselves to people who have never valued our time, hearts, or being. Why do we pour so much of ourselves into those who have no deire to pour it back into us?
We only leave ourselves empty.
Empty and still searching for what we once hoped to find in them.

I lost sleep last night over people who have never valued me. I couldn’t wrap my mind around what I may have done wrong, or why I deserved such hatred. I just laid awake, lost in throughts focused on these people who have only left my soul empty.

Then I laughed at myself.
I was so concentrated on trying to MAKE these people like me or be in my life that I forgot what was actually best for MY life.

Not every person you meet is going to be good for you. Not every person you love is going to help your soul. Not every person you reach for will give back what you give to them. Not every person is meant to stay in your life.
That’s okay.


And honestly, you don’t deserve to waste your time and love simply seeking their approval.

You’re going to love people who hurt you. You’re going to befriend people who deprive you. You’re going to accept people who belittle you. You’re going to reach out to people who abandon you.

But soon you will find that these empty relationships and desolate exchanges are not best for YOU.
Soon you will see that the time you spend on others is not so quickly reciprocated.

It is okay to be selfish here.
It is okay to be selfish with your investments and love.
It is okay to think of yourself when determining to whom and to where your time is spent.

Remember to think about yourself. Remember to value yourself.
Remember to walk away. Remember to say no.
Remember that not everyone is going to love you back, and that truly is okay.

Your time deserves to be valued.
Find that, and invest in that, not in the emptiness.


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